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Modern Homesteading: My Definition

March 4, 2015

DSC09183small As we start this journey of homesteading on our new property I have been finding, and following, some new blogs. Many are homesteaders throughout the US and they each have their own definition of what homesteading is to them. I spent some time this week thinking about what homesteading is to me. To bring the term into this century the term modern homesteading is gaining popularity. I first heard the term from Renee Wilkinson over at Hip Chick Digs. She wrote a book, called Modern Homestead, a couple years ago about homesteading on a city lot. It acknowledges the reality that most people don’t have the traditional homestead (The Homestead Act of 1863 gave 160 acres). Instead, it talks about making the most of the land you have and farming much more intensively (efficiently) that old-time farmers even dreamed about. I still reference her book today. To me, modern homesteading is an evolved version of homesteading. Instead of thinking just about the land and survival we also need to think about the planet we live on and the global information economy we have. For this reason, a modern homesteader will have values regarding the soil but also information and the planet. It embraces the many forms of technology but remembers the essential bonds to the land.DSC09075small

A modern homesteader:

-cares about the land
-cares about where food comes from
-wants to grow a portion of what they eat
-cares about the fair treatment of animals and livestock


-cares about global/national/local sustainability
-knows that self sufficiency is better than relying on big corporations
-does not like the idea of chemicals or GMOs in food
-uses technology to answer questions
-uses social media to connect with like minded people
-uses blogging share ideas and spread the word

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