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Why We Moved

February 24, 2015

We have been in our new place for about four months now. The house projects are still in full swing. We just finished going over our budget for downstairs. We are remodeling an entire bathroom including new windows and a clawfoot tub, a laundry room, and a foyer/mudroom. The anticipated costs added up quickly and it has me a bit depressed. We spent the last four months demolishing the water-damaged walls, ripping up old tile, and tearing down ceiling. It has been time intensive but not hard on the checking account. We just bought windows and a steel exterior door for the yet to be built wall between the garage and the mudroom. We are just at the tip of the iceberg of big purchases. We need to decide on heating in the basement and like the idea of radiant floor heating. The clawfoot tub needs expensive hardware….

Sometimes I need a reset button to remind myself why we are doing this. A week ago we went to Bend for a fun getaway weekend. We hiked, swam in the hotel pool, window shopped, ate out, and watched HGTV. This last weekend we spent both days working on the house and yard. We demo’d, built, shopped at Home Depot, chainsawed, and painted. The girls were outside at least half the day both days. The rode bikes, played with the dogs and bunnies, explored, picked flowers, and climbed trees. Many things they would not have been able to do in our previous houses. That is why we moved. We want the girls to be outside with nature instead of inside with a screen. Inside they love to color, read, play games, but also relax in front of the tv or play games (some educational) on their tablets.

We want to teach them about raising animals and caring for the land. About running in a field with your sister and playing fetch with your dog. About where our food comes from and how it grows. We want to show them that heaven is in nature and God planned the earth as a perfect home for us. That value comes from loving yourself and coexisting with our beautiful and bountiful planet.

So when the projects stack up and there aren’t enough hours in the day I need to remind myself that we are only young once. We need to enjoy our lives and spend them with people we love making memories we love. We moved to show the girls the value of hard work and the love that comes from pursuing dreams together.

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