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April 16, 2013
I just compiled this list for a friend and thought others might be interested as well. It is some of my favorite minimalist/homesteading blogs and websites. I went out on a limb toward the end and added some entrepreneurship and big dream stuff. Tons of great articles about minimalism with a definition that I like (being happy with less). The website is better than the blog. A fairly random blog about small houses from a guy that literally wrote the book on small houses. He also muses about music, surfing, photography, etc. A family in Oregon living an off the grid lifestyle. Her posts are about gardening, chickens, goats, honey bees and other great stuff. A Portland mother talks about her urban homestead that includes a huge garden and chickens. She wrote a great book on the topic as well. General good living advice covering many topics including habits, meditation, tea, and exercise. Good advice on learning, networking, and thinking. His free e-book is good. Another really good e-book about making dreams happen.×5/ One of my very favorites. He just got back from visiting every country on the planet. His manifesto is awesome and both his books are very good. His blog is great and his website has tons of free info. I just came across this site but really like his message. It is all about being you. His e-book is also very good. Also a new site to me. I am still getting into it but some interesting stuff here too.
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