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2013 Goals

January 6, 2013

I’m not much for resolutions, but I do have a few goals for 2013.

1. I recently found an online version of Stanford’s CS 178 Digital Photography course. I would like to take the complete class including all reading and assignments. I am not sure if I will push myself into the 10 week time frame but I will treat it like an actual class.

2. Edit and post more pictures. I want to learn more about Photoshop, particularly masking. Post equally on Google+, Flickr and Facebook. This means I will have to take more photos. To accomplish this I want to plan more hikes, drives, and trips.

3. Read What the Plus – Google+ for the Rest of Us. Start using Google+ as my primary photo related social media site. Read The Art of Photographing Wildlife. Right now I am more into nature, scenery and landscapes than portraits.

4. Start a new garden at our new house. We didn’t get one in last year and I was disappointed. Last year I did plant some fruit trees and I am looking forward to harvesting fruit this year. I would also like to install a rain barrel system for irrigation.

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