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July 31, 2011

After hanging out with friends up on Orcas Island, I have some new blogs to follow. The first is Young House Love. This one is about a couple (and cute baby) in Virginia that love fixing up their house. They do tons of stuff and post 5+ times a week. The posts can be a little long but the pictures are always good. Another good one I found is Wayward Spark. This family lives in Oregon, out in the country. They live off the land and raise their kids in a small house. They write about their kids, their garden, and other earthy things. A last one I found just recently is Bower Power. Another couple (and baby) from Atlanta. They have a huge gorgeous house and spend their time with indoor and outdoor projects. They post a lot too and have good pics. I hope you check them out if house projects are what you are in to.

And now, on to us. This weekend we stained our upper deck and rearranged our kitchen and office area. The deck stain was the final step in our upper deck makeover that included new paint and a fancy new cedar plank ceiling. The staining is also part of a larger project: staining all our decks and bridge, as well as painting the handrails. If I’m lucky I might get some pictures up soon.

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