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the Green episode

May 23, 2011

I am going to use this blog as an update to all the green stuff going on. First of all, our garden is in! Six raised beds are filled with onions, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, cilantro, dill, snap peas, beans, carrots, and lettuces. Everything is doing well so far and the mix of rain and sun in Portland have been a big help. We are now deciding on a rain barrel and composter. I also recently came across the National Wildlife Foundation and we are working on getting our backyard certified as a Wildlife Habitat.

I recently saw a movie that really inspired me to focus on the planet. It is called Deep Green and is produced by a fellow Oregonian. He lives in a net zero carbon footprint house that I also had the chance to tour. The movie focuses on carbon emissions as the major downfall of our planet. Throughout the movie, the author showcases ways that governments, cities, and individuals are making a difference. Everyone can do something. As part of a team project at school, I videotaped myself changing out an old lightbulb for a new CLF bulb. We are putting together videos from everyone in the group and then calculating the effect of just one or two bulbs.

I came across a book that looks really good too. It is called Modern Homestead and is written by another Portlander, who keeps up a great blog. I haven’t read it yet but hope to read it before an interview I am doing with the author early next month.

I have been too busy to spend time on the Ghia. But, I have been thinking about it. At the house tour I mentioned above, there were several electric cars, one being a full electric VW Beetle (the original Beetle). I had been thinking about putting a TDI engine in the Ghia but electric would be even better. I wonder if anyone gives grants or sponsorship for electric car conversions. I think an electric Ghia would be the ultimate combination of classic styling and modern technology. I need to do alot of research but I am sure it can be done.

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