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The old and the new

February 16, 2011

So much has changed. I am going back to school for my MBA and really enjoying it. One of my passions and dreams is to make a lasting difference in the world. For my MBA, I chose Marylhurst University because of their Sustainability focused MBA program. I hope to use my acquired skills to launch me into fantastic new opportunities. The classroom time with professors and classmates is very rewarding. I am even applying some of my new knowledge to my position at work. School has allowed me to be a bit bolder and be more confident with myself. I am taking it slow, only one class a term, but like it that way. With so many other projects and demands on my time, I don’t want school taking up too much time.

Speaking of other projects, I have a confession to make. For a couple reasons, we sold our beloved Volkswagen Bus. The time and money was right, plus it was going to another great family. We felt so much pride seeing someone else thoroughly love what we had done. After all, the rebuild was a bonding experience for me in many ways. I really got to know my best friend, wife, and the Volkswagen community at large through the restoration process. That is a major reason why we are getting another project car. This time I chose a 1972 VW Karmann Ghia. This project should test me in many new ways and should be a blast. We haven’t officially picked it up yet, but that should happen this weekend.

Our house is also keeping us busy. We have done many updates from recessed lighting to paint to insulation. A big project we are working on now is a garden space. Currently, there is an old shed in the way that we are trying to move. Once moved, we are going to put down river rock and build raised beds. I want to install a couple rain barrels on the downspouts to keep the garden watered during the summer months. We are planning a berry patch of sorts for blueberries and raspberries as well.

Stay tuned for LOTS of car updates as well as progress on the garden.

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