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Our first picnic

March 8, 2010

Since the last post I have made alot of progress. We went through DEQ (emissions) and failed then passed the next weekend after connecting a spark plug wire that came off. We were also dealing with some water in the bottom of the gas tank. Some HEET water remover did the trick perfectly. The engine is running great now. I greased the suspension and hooked up an auxiliary battery. The aux battery powers the fridge and the interior lights without draining the starting battery. We installed a couple LED lights in convenient places as well.

We went on our first picnic to Bald Peak State Park. It is 15 south of Hillsboro and the perfect distance for our first picnic. The park is at about 1600 feet elevation and the bus was pretty slow getting to the top. We were in second gear and even in first around one corner. We were getting passed by everyone. Life is just slower in a Volkswagen Bus.

We used the stove to heat up lunch and it went even faster than we were expecting. We were very impressed with the gas burners.

We can’t wait until our first camping trip which may be the end of this month. We have some big trips already planned including one to Mt Rainier National Park in June and also a trip to Maupin, Oregon for the 5th Annual RendezVW also in June.

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