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It’s Alive! and Fun with Pictures

January 28, 2010

I was able to borrow an ECU from a mechanic and we put it in about a week ago. The engine started right up and ran better than ever before. (This was even with one of the spark plug wires disconnected.) We put some accessories back together and now have a running bus! We even took it around the block and it seems to run strong. I got it into second gear and the speedometer works. The brakes are squeaky so I will need to look into that later.

We also got the back seat installed. It took a couple hours but it fits great and looks awesome too. It functions just how it should and the seats belts should work to secure the car seats for the girls.

I am still trying to figure out this picture posting thing. I really want to be able to write some text, post a picture, write more text, post another picture, and so on. So far, I haven’t figured that out. WordPress will only let me add an album at the end of the text. I am going to try again. Here is a picture of the back seat actually in the bus. We can still use the fold out table and the seats belts fit in between the cushions.

This is the back cushion that goes over the motor. With this cushion and the seat extended into a bed we have over 6 feet of sleeping space. And with 5 inches of foam we should be nice and comfortable.

Claire also got to check out the pop top over the weekend. We told her the top was her bed and she thought that was awesome. She can sit up with lots of head room so she will have a blast playing up there with Madeline.

Now to try some different sizes and maybe a couple pictures before the next text. Here is the girls checking out the seat for the first time. I think they like it! (Claire is actually smiling in the first picture.)

This is actually going pretty well. I did have to post the two small pictures last because I couldn’t get the text right or any following pictures to center. I did make progress though. I actually wanted this text below the final pictures too. I don’t know how to do that yet either.

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