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It’s all in the details

January 15, 2010

Christmas and New Years went off without a hitch. Claire really loved Christmas this year. In mid-December Madeline started attending Claire’s daycare. This makes dropping off and picking up much easier. Madeline is adjusting well to the new setting and really enjoys the teachers and other kids her age. She is crawling all over the place and can go from crawling to sitting as well. She is already interested in standing and tries to climb up on footstools.

We have beenworking on the bus like crazy. All the cushions and seat upholstery is done. The curtains aren’t done but are easy to do. We reupholstered the armrests for the back seat and they are already in the bus. The front seats have new foam now as well.

The engine is still a confusion. We are able to get it running for about 5 minutes but only with the fuel pump disconnected. Any attempt to connect the fuel pump and the engine floods. I have tested nearly every component and replaced many parts as well. You can see my forum topics on this issue on LoveMyBus and at TheSamba. I know I am getting close but it seems so far still. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned.

We still want to have the bus ready to go by spring so we can start camping. Once the engine is working we need to fix some minor details like the sink drain and make sure the propane tank and cooktops work. We also need to install the back seat, which is probably our biggest project left besides the engine.

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