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VW Bus Update: Paint and engine

October 19, 2009

Since the last post, I have been trying to track down our engine problem. We got a battery and after replacing the ground strap and connections we  hooked it up. We were hoping the only engine problem was the fuel pump wires that were not connected. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. After getting the pump running I noticed a leaking fuel line to the #3 injector. We bought some new line and installed that, but still the engine wont run. I know the fuel pump works, I know we have spark, but I can’t get the bus to stay running. I noticed some bad vacuum line to the fuel pressure regulator so I replaced that too. The engine still wont run; it always floods almost right away. We may have a problem with the fuel pressure regulator and that is what I am going to test next.

For good news, we have been successfully updating the interior. We have painted the interior panelling a warm tan color. It looks good and will compliment the blue upholstery. We removed all the curtains and Tonya is working on those. We are going with white curtains with blue trim. I got the stereo running and found a Best of Bob Marley CD still in it. For some reason, the main 12 volt line was cut. It was an easy fix.

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