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Things Worth Writing About Digest #2

September 11, 2009

Well, no pictures yet, but I do have the next digest. Again, I am playing catch up.

Thursday, Day 18
We went on a short, pleasant walk around our neighborhood.

Friday, Day 19
My brother and his wife came up for part of the weekend. We played board games and watched some TV. It was good to catch up and relax.

Saturday, Day 20
We took the girls to the neighborhood park in the afternoon (after all the rain in the morning). My brother and I played frisbee while Tonya watched Claire run around the boat play structure.

Sunday, Day 21
We took a weather gamble and headed to the beach. Some family friends always camp at Fort Stevens for Labor Day. We opted out of camping due to the weather but still wanted to visit. On our way over the coast range it rained the whole time. It was still raining when we pulled into the campground. We saw picnic tables, coolers, and even tents sitting in huge mud puddles. We were very happy we didn’t camp. As it turns out, we missed most of the rain. We played horseshoes and volleyball and Claire had a great time running around. Madeline stayed bundled in the stroller or in the arms of friends. We had a hot dog roast and putluck for dinner then went home to our nice dry beds.

Monday, Day 22
Tonight we had dinner at a friends house. I helped him work on his car while Tonya chatted and watched the girls. Unfortunately, we were not able to diagnose the problem.

Tuesday, Day 23
Ah, the joys of being a father. Madeline was fussy tonight and the only thing that worked was holding her while walking around the living room. She did not want to be still. Claire quickly realized she was missing the fun and insisted (by crying) that she needed to be held too. So here is me, walking around the living with with a girl in each arm. I am trying to balance Madeline with one arm while Claire is resting her head on my shoulder.

Wednesday, Day 24
I had an interview at work today. It was for a position in the Delinquency department. I don’t know if I want the job but I applied anyway. The new skills and challenges would be great but I am apprehensive about doing collections. I did my best in the interview so we will see.
Also, tonight, Madeline held her bottle for the first time. We have been doing some bottle feeding to prepare her for day care next week. That’s right, Tonya is going back to work starting Monday. Madeline was able to hold the bottle still as it rested on her chest. She did a great job, we are so proud.

Thursday, Day 25
We had some friends over for dinner tonight. They brought a couple bottles of wine and we had chicken salads. Oddly enough, on the bottle of Yellow Tail Chardonnay it says, “Enjoy with good friend and a chicked salad.” We did enjoy. We also played a couple board games and had a great night together.

Ok. Only 5 days to go. I think I like the weekly/bi-weekly blogging better. I enjoy remembering little things each day but actually sitting down to blog everyday is too time consuming.

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