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TWWA Catch Up Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

September 2, 2009

I have been writing down things daily but just haven’t had time to post. I will use this as a catch up post for the past 4 days.

Sunday. Home. After another full day of driving and 800+ miles we are home. It is so nice to look forward to your own comfortable bed, a shower that stays hot, and your own morning routines.

Monday. During our vacation Claire has greatly increased her talking. She will pretty copy any word we say and after any sentence will pick out a word to practice. We even have her speaking some Minnesotan. She says yaaah and suuuure with the best of them. Madeline is also getting more and more active. She smiles and coos regularly now. After work we drove to my parents for a quick dinner and to pick up our dogs. I am tired of driving for a while.

Tuesday. After work we toured a house that we hope will be Madeline’s daycare. Tonya goes back to work on the 14th and we need to be prepared. The house is very close to ours and we really like the lady that will be watching her. Madeline will gets lots of attention and love.

Wednesday. My first full day (other than work) at home since we got back. It was nice to not have any plans. We had a relaxing dinner, rearranged the living room, and got to bed early. I think I am still catching up from the trip. I fell asleep on the couch last night around 9, halfway through Coraline, which was really good.

I feel much better now that I am caught up on my daily blogging. Later this week I may even post some pictures!

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