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Things worth writing about Day 1

August 17, 2009

I am going to try this for thirty days. At the end of each day I will reflect on the day and note things worth writing about. This being the first day it will be easy. We will see by day 30. Yesterday was my company picnic. We went to Oaks Park and rode on the amusement rides. It was Claire’s first experience on a fair ride. She loved them. We thought she might be nervous but as soon as the ride was over she was saying “ride” to go on the next one. That is worth writing about.

Also, Claire has been saying “awesome” for a couple weeks now. She has got it so good that when I tell her to say “I’m” she goes straight to saying “awesome.”

Lastly, if you know me you know I love cars. Well this last weekend I took on a big (read irreversible) project. I tinted my tail lights with paint tint. This involved removing  the lights, taping off parts of the lens, 7 coats of paint, 5 coats of clear coat, a quick polish, and a couple layers of wax. They look awesome and I am glad I did such a good job. Go me!

Here are some pictures of Claire on the rides.

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