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Ready for Baby

June 4, 2009

We are having our second child any day now and we are ready. Physically we have everything we need. The hospital bags are packed and the camera batteries are charged. The house has all the baby items in the right spots: a bassinet in our room, a pack and play downstairs, swings and boppy chairs in strategic locations. The house is clean, laundry and dishes are at a minimum. Mentally we are ready as well. Tonya has had several weeks off with Claire for some one on one bonding. Our hearts are full of anticipation; we are ready to meet Madeline. I am taking two or three weeks of vacation and am very excited. Claire has been very interested in other kids and especially babies. She plays with her dolls and puts them in swings, chairs, walkers, and strollers. She loves saying “baby” too. Keep an eye on facebook and twitter; we will post status reports as soon as we can. This new addition will change the whole dynamic of our family. We are changing our lives in many ways right now. We are simplifying our lives and getting rid of excess demands.

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