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Willamette Open 9

October 15, 2007

So, my best friend Brian and I are into disc golf. If you don’t know anything about the sport you should check out the official webpage for the PDGA or a more local link to the ODSA. This past weekend Brian and I played in a local disc golf tournament better known as the Willamette Open 9. It is two full days of disc golf: an 18 hole round at Adair, an 18 hole round at a temporary course in Albany, and two 18 hole rounds at the very popular Willamette Park.  This year celebrates Brian and my 4th year participating. This was the first year with three courses and the first year of the awards ceremony at Calapooia Brewing. The owners are disc golfers and the beer and food was excellent. It was a blast spending time doing a sport I love. The weather was great for October and the tournament ran flawlessly. I played well and finished 12th in my division out of a field of 56. We both picked up a custom stamped disc for helping with the tournament and I got a set of backpack straps for my disc golf bag. Call me a nerd if you want, but disc golf rules!

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