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April 26, 2007

There are so many things I want to write about. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time (and I’m sure you all don’t want to read three full posts) so I will just do snippets to give a flavor of what is on my mind.

1) I bought my car (Audi A4) at a dealership called Sunset Imports. Well, once or twice a year they hire about 20 professional driving instructors from a company called Autosports to teach customers how to really drive their vehicles. This last Tuesday I spent 4 hours at Portland International Speedway (PIR) racing my car around the racetrack as well as an autocross track. I had three 30 minute track sessions with a professional driver coaching me through every corner. I also had three 20 minute autocross sessions. During the autocross I had the opportunity to test my car to the limits both with and without the traction control as well as in wet and dry conditions.  I must say this experience was awesome! I could have had a better time. I learned alot and got to drive my car very hard. It performed magnificently! I took about 4o minutes of video with an in car camera mount so I will get to show of my experience to many friends.

2) This past weekend we went camping with Tonya’s sisters family in Newport. This was our second time out in our new toy hauler. The weather was not the best but we made the best out of it by going to the Aquarium, playing games, and just hanging out.

3) We are starting to prepare for our big summer-kickoff / Cinco-de-Mayo party!  We are inviting a bunch of friends and celebrating with a BBQ and booze extravaganza.

With so much happening it is hard to believe I have time for 50 hours of work a week! Soon I will post pictures of all these fun events but until then you will just have to imagine all the coolness. Now I have to get back to a new book that was recommended by my good friend Josh.  It is listed in my sidebar.

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