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A History of Cars

November 18, 2006

Here is a breif history of the cars I have owned. Pictures will come later.

My first car was an 84 Honda Accord. I got it from my grandmother when she passed away. I loved this car as someone can only love their first car.

As I went through high school and college I began to learn much more about cars. This inspired me to love the Eagle Talon (brother to the Mitsubishi Eclipse). I found a 95 Eagle Talon TSi AWD that was exactly what I was looking for. I joined a couple DSM clubs had generally had a great time. My first (and only) experience driving around PIR was in this car. I did a stereo overhaul as well as engine modifications to this car.

At some point in time it became more feasible to get a little economy car to drive to and from work. I sold the Eagle Talon (but now have it back, story to come in a future blog) and bought a Ford Focus ZX3. With this car I also joined a couple car clubs. I loved this car far more than I ever thought I would. I did a complete stereo overhaul including 4 sets of separates, two amps, subs, head unit, and Ipod connector. I also installed the SVT suspension and had performance tires on this car.

Once I got my new job with Ferguson (about 7 months ago) I wanted a new car. I began casually looking. I had always wanted either a Subaru Sti or Mitsubishi Evolution since the day they hit US soil. I test drove both and the Evolution was a clear winner. I was more familiar with the engine (and therefore upgrade path) and liked the transmission much better. I bought an 05 Evolution GSR with all the options. It even came with a Carbon Fiber hood, trunk and APR Racing Carbon Fiber wing. The dealership also installed a few engine mods, Street Glow lighting and custom painted the interior.

Sadly I only had this car for three months. I totalled it coming home from work a couple weeks ago. It was a complete loss. I am still working with insurance to see if I can salvage anything.

But, the good news: I have a new car! An Audi A4 with S Line and Titanium upgrades. Just this week I also had the windows tinted and all weekend I am showing the car in the Showdown in the West Car show at the Portland Expo Center. I am showing with Xcessive Speedz, which is an excellent car club. I also enjoy events with Carfreeks.

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